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Kine Hearts Magazine is a grass roots organization steeped in cannabis education, community outreach and business networking. Our goal is to cultivate an atmosphere around cannabis that will edify those with limited cannabis knowledge while empowering those already on the front lines of cannabis literacy

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Kine Hearts Magazine will fill a void in the medicinal cannabis community that no one knew existed or cared enough about to dedicate any time and effort. "It takes a village to raise a child..." KHM is our baby and we ask you to help us grow into something the entire cannabis community can use as a go-to reference guide and be proud of.

In the pursuit of our goal, we will provide cannabis patients with holistic as well as spiritual alternatives to mainstream medicine. Which includes, but not limited to, massage/aroma therapy, yoga and meditation.  

Also, every monthly edition includes “Patient Testimonials” and are featured via our “CANNA-GET-A-WITNESS” section and cover actual experiences from veterans, pro-athletes, senior citizens, music moguls and more!  Discussions include: glaucoma, autism, diabetes, Parkinson’s and other physical & disabling conditions that effect people regardless of age, race, color or sexual orientation.  

The magazine’s main focus is on the patient and identifying other methods of medicating injuries, diseases and providing healthier alternatives to daily physical maintenance, without relying on big pharma, opioids or prescription drugs!  In addition, what would a healthy life style be without food, art and music? Through our Partners & Strategic relationships we are dedicated in providing a “total solution” to the patient!   

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